Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best Forex Online Platforms Trading

The term forex refers to Foreign Exchange. The foreign exchange market deals basically with the trade of a particular currency for another. It is considered to be the world’s largest financial market. The forex market includes various levels and forms of trading. It includes the trade carried out between various banks, currency speculators, central banks, governments, multinational corporations, and various other financial markets and institutions.

The main advantage which forex trading has over the conventional New York Stock Exchange and other similar stock exchange markets is that the traders can trade any time of the day. The conventional stock exchange markets limit the trading in the actual trading hours of the market. The best forex online platforms trading is preferred nowadays by most people owing to the fact that it enables forex trading anytime of the day and from anywhere in the world. This is done by giving access to traders of the online community of forex trading through online trading platforms.

The forex market is a great success compared to the other stock markets owing to the fact that the currency exchange market of the world operates around the clock. The prime requisites for a trader thus are time, money, a computer with the Internet facility and a telephone. The traders or the banks just need to log in to their forex trading account to start trading.

The best forex online platforms trading are also highly beneficial owing to the numerous advantages. The forex market is estimated to witness the trade of around one trillion dollars. The primary process can be understood in simple terms. It involves the trading of one country’s currency for another country’s currency.

The best forex online platforms trading are also the fastest and the most efficient modes of online forex trading. The traders can gain large profits owing to the structure of the market.

By: Ricky Lee

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Building a Forex Trading Strategy

Your chosen Forex trading strategy will drive the trading decisions that you make in the Forex trading system. If you are new or a novice to Forex trading systems, you will need to develop an appropriate strategy that will evolve over time. The following steps outline the approach to building a Forex trading strategy that may be adapted and tailored to your needs.

Develop a Forex Trading Plan - A Forex trading strategy should never be considered absolute or complete. Part of having a Forex trading strategy is incorporating a plan for making adjustments to the strategy. You will need to be able to make adjustments without completely revamping your strategy. Though you may consider your trading strategy to be more technical than fundamental or vice versa, you should take advantage of any available market data in making your trading decisions regardless of which discipline it falls under.

Initiate a Forex Trade - You must decide on the currency pairs that you which to trade and the number of units to trade. You must establish either a buy or sell position. You are then ready to initiate a trade as either a market order or a limit order. A market order initiates a trade at the current market price while a limit order permits a trade to be executed when the market price reaches a limit that is predetermined by you. As a safeguard for online trading, particularly with limit orders, you should also establish limits to take profits or stop losses. Take profit and stop loss limits become particularly important with online trading when your Internet connection is loss. In the time it will take to reestablish a connection, the market price may change and fall outside of any established limits. Your trading platform may be able to calculate a suitable set of limits. Limits are set as either the percentage of the trading range or as distance from the market entry price. If you have established an open position, you may adjust these calculated values to suit your needs.

Determine When to Exit a Forex Trade - If a trade moves in favor of your established position you must evaluate the move. In a long position, a move is considered significant if it is in the range of 15 to 20 pips. In response to such a move, it would be advantage to raise your stop-loss limit above the market entry price and your take-profit limit by about 20 pips or the number of your choice. If the trade continues to move in your favor you should continue to raise the stop-loss and take-profit limits. This aspect of a trading strategy allows you to continue to generate profits while the market is working in your favor. Unless, for some reason, you feel you need to manually exit the trade, you should not exit the trade until the market reverses to trigger your stop-loss order. A take-profit limit should not be used to signal an exit from the trade. If a trade moves against your established position, you have two options. You may manually exit the trade before your stop-loss limit is reached or stay in the trade until either the stop-loss or take profit limit triggers an end to the trade. It would not be beneficial to lower the stop-loss limit with the expectation that the market price will reverse for a short period of time. While such a reversal is possible, the odds of this type of market action are low and your Forex trading strategy should not depend on this type of anomaly.

By: Andrew Daigle

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