Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forex Trading Systems Make Online Trading Fast and Efficient

In the FOREX market, you can use two distinct types of trading systems. The first type is the
mechanical trading system. The mechanical trading system is relatively easy to use because an
automated process makes all trade decisions for you. This trading system is based on technical
and systematic analysis. Traders call it mechanical trading because they use computers to get
trading signals.

At the other side of the spectrum, the discretionary trading system uses gut instincts. It is based on an investor's experience, knowledge, and intuition. Some investors choose to use mechanical systems to understand current market conditions, and then analyze the details on their own before trading.

Mechanical Trading System

Of course, most FOREX traders use the mechanical trading system, simply because it automates the process and you can set it up with little effort. It is the easiest way to become a FOREX trader because it requires less training and education than discretionary trading. Mechanical trading systems are widely available online and some software is available in stores.

Mechanical trading systems take the human element out of FOREX trading. Through such a
system, you have no opportunity to make trading decisions based on greed, gut feel, or bad
judgment. Because a wise investor always invests with his head and not with his heart,
mechanical trading can help those investors who often base his or her decisions on emotions.

In recent years, the internet has made FOREX trading much easier by providing online trading
platforms. The brokerage firm you use will provide one for you. Some brokers have also
developed mechanical trading systems that their clients can use to trade. You can buy this
separately, or have one provided for you. Your broker may also provide valuable tools like
economic calendars, detailed analyses, and current currency charts. If your broker does not
provide these to you, you can buy them on your own or find a different brokerage firm to work

Discretionary Trading Systems

Even when you opt to use the FOREX mechanical trading system, you should still understand the basics of the FOREX market to become an informed investor. There are various courses and
books on becoming a FOREX trader and you should take full advantage of them.

Those with limited knowledge in this area can gain just from testing a broker's trading software.
The trading software can easily teach you terms, how to read charts, and some basic trading
theories. Used with a book or online course, you can quickly grasp the principles behind FOREX.
An informed trader can therefore use both discretionary and mechanical trading systems to
achieve maximum profits.

If you're interested in entering the FOREX market, carefully consider your choices. It may be
best to start off by using mechanical trading systems before deciding of your own. In this way,
you can minimize losses and lessen the risk of betting over your head. Once you are familiar and
learned, you can start setting up the discretionary system of trading. Stay educated; it will pay

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